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Flat Pack or Pre Assembled for your convenience

Whether it is an entirely new kitchen, or you are upgrading your existing kitchen, a flat pack or pre-assembled kitchen is a great option that gives you style and affordability. Who would have thought that you could have a top quality, locally made, custom built kitchen at a fraction of the cost? Well it is entirely possible with EZIKIT!

EZIKIT are the leaders when it comes to kit kitchens in Tasmania and every day we push the boundaries as we supply to the DIY industry and trade. We are a proudly Tasmanian owned and operated company and as you purchase locally you are not only getting a great value kitchen, laundry or wardrobe, but you are employing Tasmanians as well.

  • With EZIKIT, you can choose the colours, materials and accessories to suit your taste and budget – You are bound only by your imagination!
  • Allow our designers to help you make the best use of your space.
  • When the design is finalised, you can choose to install DIY with the support of our staff, or your cabinets can be supplied pre-assembled for you or your builder to install. Yes!
  • To save you or your builder time, we offer the popular option of delivering your kitchen or cabinets to you pre-assembled, ready to install.

If you prefer to design your own, you can use EZIKIT’s Online Kitchen Designer (OKD). Save your design for later and when you are ready, send it to us for an estimate or quotation.

EZIKIT are truly unique in Tasmania and you won’t find anywhere else that can delivery such cost-effective and quality kitchens or cabinets based on the latest design trends in Australian and overseas. It isn’t uncommon that the price you will receive from EZIKIT could be up to half of other custom made options. We will help you keep within budget and guide you through any aspects of the planning and installation where you need support.

Why Flat Pack?

  • Transport your cabinets to anywhere in the state
  • Easily bring your cabinets into your home and put them together at your leisure
  • The ultimate when it comes to saving $$$
  • The satisfaction of DIY

Why Pre Assembled?

  • Save time and money paying when your builder no longer needs to assemble your cabinets
  • Keep your worksite clear as your cabinets can be delivered when you are ready for them
  • Get straight on to installation when your cabinets arrive
  • Complex fittings and designs have the hard work done for you
  • You still get the satisfaction of DIY