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Introducing EZIKIT’s Online Kitchen Designer (OKD)

We keep working hard at providing you with the tools and information you need to get the best results possible. We are now offering a FREE design tool that is powerful, yet simple to use and adds to the flexibility EZIKIT are known for.

Whilst you don’t need to register to use OKD, registering will allow you to save your progress for later, share it with friends via Facebook or email, and send it to EZIKIT for quotation once you are ready by hitting ‘Submit for Quotation’.

Most cabinets allow for custom sizing, and of course EZIKIT would have it no other way! Additional options are available to you after a cabinet has been inserted and reselected.

This is a great platform for those inclined to look at different options and layouts before speaking with one of our designers. But don’t feel that this is the only way to get a quote. A majority of customers still bring in hand drawn sketches and scrap books, so it really is what works for you.

OKD Tutorial

The developers of OKD have prepared a tutorial to help you navigate and learn the program. You will find once you make a start it really is a pleasure to work with.

OKD continues to be developed and features added, so don’t be surprised if you discover features that aren’t covered in the tutorial.

Look at OKD as a tool to explore and communicate your ideas. Our designers will look after the finer details when the time comes.