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Kitchen Cabinet Doors for any style

Vinyl Wrap / Profiled Doors

Limited only by your imagination (and ours!) profiled doors have had a huge resurgence in recent years, driven by trends that are looking at classic styling afresh with either a modern or country twist. Vinyl wrap (also known as Thermolaminated Doors) provides a hardy and moisture resistant surface that will last for many years.

EZIKIT are the experts when it comes to Vinyl Wrap as we manufacture our doors in-house with the only membrane press in the state. Supported by our quality systems, this ensures you will get a consistent and beautifully finished door.

What does in-house mean for you?

  • Flexibility with custom door designs
  • We specialise in custom shapes, folded & feature panels
  • Recovering of existing doors (in some instances)
  • We use the best foils in the world from Bonlex, made in Japan
  • Locally made means a local warranty

PVC Edged Doors

PVC Edged Doors provide the ultimate when it comes to colour selections with literally hundreds of colours and finishes available. These hard wearing doors provide great value and are particularly suited to contemporary and modern designs.

EZIKIT’s process utilises a polyurethane line (PUR) that provides a near invisible join edge that will last the life of your kitchen. Once you have seen a PUR edge, you really won’t be happy with anything else.

Check them out at our showroom, and ask our team about the difference.

Materials available include:

  • Polytec Matt & Laminex Natural melamine doors for hard wearing and affordability
  • Woodgrain options for a feature or Scandi look
  • CleanTouch scratch and fingerprint resilient doors
  • StyleLite super high gloss & matt finishes

Other Door Options

In addition to PVC Edged & Vinyl Wrap doors, other options include:

  • Raw MDF for DIY painting or 2 pack
  • Traditional solid timber doors
  • Ply & Timber Veneer doors & panels
  • Glass inserts
A & B Series Profiled Doors
B, C & D Series Profiled Doors
Feature Profiled Doors & Panels