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  • Refacing your existing cabinets

    Reface or replace? If you are considering refacing an existing kitchens, this is entirely possible and EZIKIT can assist with new benchtops and fronts. There are however a few additional considerations to take into account to make sure you can and do get the results you are after.

  • Kitchen Cabinet Handles

    The selection of handles for you kitchen, laundry, vanity or wardrobe helps to reinforce the personality of your space. We believe that often handles reflect the personality of the owner! There are some amazing handles available in a variety of materials to complete the look and tie together some of the key elements in your design, connecting your fittings, doors, appliances and splashbacks.

  • Flat Pack Kitchens

    A flat pack or pre-assembled kitchen is a great option that can give you the latest in style and great affordability. You get a quality, locally made, custom kitchen at a fraction of the cost. We are a proudly Tasmanian owned and operated company. As you purchase from a local manufacturer (rather than a cabinet importer) you get great value as well as supporting the Tasmanian economy.

  • Kitchen Cabinets & Doors

    Our cabinets are made to measure, and to suit your space. There is no need to compromise with standard sizes when you can have a kitchen designed and manufactured to suit. The selection of door materials and styles will define your look. Modern, country, shaker, cottage, Hampton, handle-less… it is all possible!

  • Kitchen Benchtops

    The selection of your benchtop material can be one of the biggest decisions you make in your new kitchen, laundry or vanity. It is more that just aesthetics, but impacts your budget, ongoing maintenance requirements and product limitations may impact the design of your space. It is worth doing your research to make sure you get the right material for your needs.

  • The ultimate kitchen transformation!

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